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How to watch and spoof your location on Youtube TV with VPN First you will need to choose a VPN and purchase their subscription Install app or extension on the devices you will be using to watch Download the extension named Location Guard. Open the Location Guard extension and in “Options” set the Default Level to “Use Fixed Location.” Press Fixed Location and set the location using the map to either Chicago or San Francisco or one of the other cities in the USA in which YouTube TV can be used. This is how you spoof YouTube TV to work in any location (Google Chrome) Close.

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In order to get access to YouTube TV, we will resort to an old trick known as “Location spoofing” by using an application called Fake GPS Location. Like most popular TV streaming services, YouTube TV geo-blocks its content.

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Because Youtube TV is only available in the United States. If you want to watch it outside of the US you will need a VPN.  Although this tool is useful not just for unblocking Youtube TV and spoofing your location, it is also needed if you want to be secure Exit out of the YouTube TV app, and then reopen it. Try watching your video again after reopening the app. Check on your location permissions. Verify that YouTube TV has access to your location. Learn more about location requirements and permissions. Accessing YouTube TV when away from home area Again, YouTube TV doesn’t prohibit the use, so subscribers will find they  Step 1Spoof Your Location Before you can sign up for YouTube TV, you’ll have to install a GPS-spoofing app, such as Fake GPS Location For YouTube TV, as long as my browser/phone/tablet has GPS spoof, no VPN is required and Chromecast works fine.

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So for example, on Hulu I can add Futurama to my library and then watch all the VOD Futurama starting from S1E1, and I can start watching right now. But, on YTTV, I can't seem to do that. Anyone been able to spoof their location with YouTube TV to watch out of market games?

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Anyone been able to spoof their location with YouTube TV to watch out of market games? I’ve been trying all day with NordVPN to no avail. 1 Like. 0 Comment Share.

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28/02/2017 How to Stream YouTube TV from Abroad – Final Words.